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How It Started vs How It's Going

Hello from Shaun and Crystal,

The other day I was checking my facebook memories. A post popped up about a surprise for my wife! She had gone out of town for the weekend to see her mother. While she was gone I found a cheap forklift on Facebook marketplace, quickly met up with the seller, and bought it. I was still working out of my garage and was just starting to really need a forklift to unload metal from my trailer. I got the forklift home, and immediately messaged my wife, “Hey, I have a surprise for you when you get home!!!!”

Needless to say, she was nowhere near as impressed as I was hoping she would be. Who would have imagined?

Wow, have things changed since last year! I figured it might be cool to stroll down memory lane, talk about where we have been in the past year, how we have grown, and where we hope to go. The photo above is the OG Talons Garage. Where this whole operation started, and where everything happened up until a few months ago.

Many of you have seen my “Contact Me” page. The picture of the CNC plasma on the page was what started Talons Garage. I started building that CNC plasma table in our one bedroom apartment in the Houston Medical Center, quickly outgrew it, and built a larger 5x12’ CNC plasma table.

Above is a photo of my original press brake. It was another Facebook marketplace find. This press brake was old, and not as powerful as I needed. Some of our early customers will remember the bend lines I had to put in the plates so this press brake would be able to bend it. This press brake was great for what I needed it for at the time. Granted, for every angle change, and every material I had to adjust it manually, and it took a lot of time to do so. It also did not have a back gauge. I couldn’t afford new tooling at the time, so I ended up making my own on the CNC mill. The photo below is my experiments in making custom lower dies to bend the plates on.